Appointment Booking Procedures

Question: How can I Schedule an Appointment with SAS?

You can browse the schedule select and available appointments. Follow the steps below:

  1. Click on 'Schedule an appointment' in the menu
  2. Select the appropriate appointment type
  3. Use the left and right arrows at the top left of the calendar to browse through the schedule. Available appointments appear as gray boxes on the calendar labeled by appointment type. If the calendar is blank, it means there is no availablilty for the date selected.
  4. Click once on the available appointment to select appointment
  5. Review the details of your appointment before clicking 'Confirm this Booking'

Question: How Can I View My Upcoming Appointments?

You can access a list of your future appointments by clicking the 'Calendar' tab in the menu.

Question: How Can I Cancel an Appointment?

Click on the 'Calendar' tab in the main menu. Next to your scheduled appointments, you will see a 'Cancel' button. Click the button to cancel any upcoming appointments.

Question: What Can I Do if I Have a Question or Concern?

If you have a question/concern, please contact SAS via phone or email. It may be simple OR require an appointment to discuss further. Otherwise you can click the 'Submit a Comment' tab in the menu to send us a question or comment.