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Welcome to the SAS Request for Accommodations Website
Implementing Your Accommodation(s) is a Two-Step Process:

1.  Send Letters

Click on the ‘Accommodations’ button on the blue banner in the upper left corner

          A.  From there you can: 
                    - Request your accommodation letters for each semester
                    - Select the appropriate accommodations by course
                    - Access and print accommodation letters in a PDF or HTML format
                    - Verify when professors have confirmed your accommodations
          B.  If you want to make changes to your accommodations, please contact SAS to set up a meeting
          C.  **Please note - If you do not receive a confirmation email after you hit submit then your accommodations were not sent**  
          D.  Please reach out to our office if you have any questions or (603) 862-2607. 

2.  Meet with each faculty member

It is the responsibility of the student to set up a time to discuss with their instructors how the accommodations will be implemented. 

          A.  It is essential that you meet to discuss the logistics early enough to ensure the accommodations can be implemented. We recommend talking with your professor 7 days prior to an exam; otherwise, it may be too little time to put things in place. The same is true for other accommodation needs such as accessible texts or sign language interpreters. Reasonable notice is necessary to ensure provision of accommodations.
          B.  There is no deadline to request accommodations or send accommodation letters. However, there are no retroactive accommodations.

Please click the 'Accommodations' tab from the menu in the upper left corner to get started. Step by step instructions can be found under the 'FAQ' tab. You will be asked to login using you UNH account.