Requesting SAS Accommodation Letters

Question: How do I Request My Accommodation Letters with SAS?

To request your SAS accommodations for the current semester, please follow the steps below:

  1. Click on 'Accommodations' in the menu
  2. Select from your list of courses by clicking on the 'Request' button
  3. Choose the accommodation(s) you are requesting to utilize for one or all of your courses
  4. Complete your request by agreeing to the SAS terms and click Submit
  5. Schedule to meet with your instructor to discuss your accommodations and develop a working agreement for the semester:

      Accommodations go into effect once you have 1.) requested your accommodations letters via ClockWork and 2.) met with your instructor(s) to develop establish the implementation of those accommodations. Both actions must occur to ensure your accommodations for the semester.

    Question: How do I ensure my Accommodations are in effect?

    Sending the letters is a 2-step process:
    1. SEND the letters via ClockWork. (done by the student each semester)
    2. MEET with each faculty member to determine how those accommodations will be implemented in his/her specific course.

    It is essential that you meet to discuss the logistics early enough to ensure the accommodations can be implemented. We recommend talking with your professor 7 days prior to an exam; otherwise, it may be too little time to put things in place. The same is true for other accommodation needs such as accessible texts or sign language interpreters. Reasonable notice is necessary to ensure provision of accommodations.

    There is no deadline to request accommodations or send accommodation letters. However, there are no retroactive accommodations.